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Welcome to Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO)

& education

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Welcome to Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO)

& education

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Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO) is sponsored by the Pride Foundation. The Pride foundation has been established since 1995. Pride foundation has been devoted to help needy families, Kids, Elder, Education, Elder Homes as well affordable essential health care for needy families.

Up and running Inspire Computer is as in Technical education for immediate needy student with affordable fees. A public Library is there to support students for essential education and supplement for books Upcoming MR Medical Center/Hospital sponsored By the Pride Foundation.

Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO) sponsored by Pride Foundation. The foundation is intending to support the volunteer efforts of a meaningful non-profit organization. The Origination has been established since 1995 and providing essential necessities for surrounding rural areas

Our Mission

Orphanage will help to manage to continue their education, to get a job or to establish a 'normal' family life with any degree of success and respect. The orphanage will provide a new life by adopting and showing a new way of having family and treat each other with respect, how to survive a life of independence with freedom and respect, accommodation and skills to prepare them for better future with a safe and loving environment.


Our Vision

We envision a world where every child is raised in a loving, compassionate, and in a guided parental home. We believe that the lives of all orphans should be free from poverty, free from darkness of education, abuse, and discrimination; that all young kids should have the support and opportunities they need to reach their full potential family and social life; and that no child should be treated as left alone, unknown, unwanted.

Our programs in Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO) are being developed to serve as models that can be replicated throughout district of Satkhira Bangladesh and other districts where teen orphans are neglected, vulnerable and even at risk to survive. Ultimately, we hope that similar programs can be provided to orphans throughout the country as well many other districts; so that no other children will fall behind or fall outside by having a wall of unknown opportunities that they deserve.

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Sponsor a child

Our services are vital to the lives of teen orphans – and our ability to provide these services relies on the commitment and generosity of our supporters.

Donate financially

SSIO is currently seeking assistance with fundraising, publicity, and communications. If you have skills in these areas, or know someone who does, please contact us. We have experienced tremendous rewards from our efforts to assist the children in the SSI programs for orphans.

Donate goods in kind

Clothing, Stationary, Books
Notebook computers
MP3 players - for English language lessons