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Life On The Outside

Graduation day is possibly the worst day in the life of many orphans. For some of them it is the beginning of the end. The most tragic moment for such kids is a graduation party at their boarding school. Most of the student promotes to the next level and continues the education.

When these young kids leave the orphanage and face the new world by themselves. The world they are entirely alone without family. This is the most critical journey for an orphan’s life the point at which immediate survival dictates their decisions and drives many towards a life of desperation and abuse.

Both the child and society suffer as a result. We are committed to provide those orphans not to face the hardship of their life alone…

Consider the challenges faced by most new orphans:-

Food and Shelter

  • If an orphan does not have a relative willing to offer temporary housing, survival becomes their first and only objective. These children often end up turning to do crime, become out law. SSIO Committed to provide the necessities, arranged by the sponsor companies to secure the challenged life by having a job and financial support to their ongoing life.

Poor Primary School Education

  • The vast majority of orphans lack the proper education needed to be admitted to the secondary educational facilities, or they drop out quickly if they manage this feat due to the pressures of providing themselves without proper support. SSIO Committed to provide the education as higher the candidate / orphan willingly like to achieve to have a successful existence.
  • Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO) would commit to provide skilled jobs as in Higher Education in technical institute or abroad with scholarship.

No Support System

  • SSIO will provide support for Education & financial strength. As they graduate or planning for higher education …SSIO will be there with Pride Foundation to make the arrangements to accomplish the goal.

The Life & Belief Being an Orphan

  • We are living in a society where an individual judge by the financial strength and social or political power. SSIO will provide an environment which will teach and show the way of living with the respect and supreme power of knowledge. SSIO will be there for them to accomplish the ultimate goal of life and how to be modest, dedicated, devoted, be loyal, be kind to be respectful to others.

It is no surprise to discover that there is a very high suicide rate (over 10%) in newly released orphans and that they are the prime targets of the human slave traders and sex traffickers. More than half are recruited to a life of crime or prostitution, and 30% become addicted to alcohol and other drugs during their first year of living independently.

Forced labor, sexual slavery or a life in the streets leading to crime, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse is the destiny of most of these young Kids/people. SSIO will be there for those kids to protect and be the SAVIOR!

Through providing orphans with the support and guidance they need upon leaving the orphanage, SSIO aims to change the destiny of these young lives. Over the time, we expect our efforts to restrict the trafficking of orphans. We hope and believe that providing viable alternatives and support systems is the only way to take our kids out of the darkness and show them the brighter light and the brighter life.