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Orphans Daily Life

Suraiya Sultana Irani Orphanage (SSIO) located at Satkhira, Khulna Bangladesh are divided into Children homes and Teen homes. At age four the children can moved to our orphanage commonly translated as a 'boarding school'. SSIO Managed by Pride Foundation & Associates.

These pre-K ranked children’s homes are welcomed them to run-down, and under-funded. Even in the ‘best equipped’ orphanages, children are undernourished and physically small for their age.

On the positive side, there are many orphanages run by third party and care-givers provide the sincere care for the children and strive to create a nurturing environment. The children in these orphanages are affectionate and spirited, and often very creative despite scant resources. Some are exceptionally talented in the areas of music, art and sports.

Unfortunately, we run institutions are not in a position to do anything to prepare these children for successful adulthood. Educational standards vary wildly due to limited budgets and other priorities. Children have few, if any, opportunities to develop the life or work skills necessary to integrate back into society. At a time when children should become increasingly independent, the stultifying nature of these schools inhibits personal growth and self-reliance. We provide them every effort to be successful.

Two essential life skills that orphans typically lack are critical thinking and decision-making skills. We rank them by all significant decisions for them and orphanage founder towards their benefit and success. The management rarely solicits their opinion on matters concerning them. The only thing required of an orphan is obedience. As a result, these children – who are already plagued with self-worth issues and low self-esteem due to being abandoned by their own parents or relative! They have never learned how to make positive decisions for themselves. They have little confidence in their abilities and are easily influenced by others to misguide and follow the wrong path of life.

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